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The LODC USA offers four types of educational services: Tasters and Workshops, Thematic Content Courses, Language of Dance Foundations, and three levels of Certification in the LOD Approach.

  • Tasters and Workshops experientially introduce participants to the Movement Alphabet concepts and symbols.
  • Thematic content courses immerse participants in a specific area of application: technique, composition, assessment, pedagogy, dance history, creative movement, or improvisation using selected Movement Alphabet concepts. Participants use the LOD Framework to develop lessons to implement.
  • LOD Foundations engage participants in a selected Movement Alphabet concepts theory and practice. Each part can be taken as a discrete entity.

Certification courses in the LOD Approach immerse participants in the content, theory, practice, pedagogy, and applications for those who desire certification in one or more of the three levels of the LOD Approach. They are

  • Stage 1: Language of Dance® Fundamentals
  • Stage 2: Develop Language of Dance® Principles
  • Stage 3: Language of Dance® Applications

Participants are awarded certificates on the successful completion of each stage of coursework. Those who complete the Stage 3 final project receive the designation of Language of Dance® Specialist. Certification courses must be taken sequentially.

Specialist Apprenticeship Certification Apprenticeships are arranged on a case-by-case basis for Certified LOD Specialists who would like to teach at the certification level.